Best deals on Apple and Samsung smartphones from Amazon

Amazon’s Prime Day event is now in full swing, with lots of discounted items and ready to buy for bargain hunters.

Apple and Samsung smartphones are among the thousands of products that have been discounted in price.

Some have seen their price drop by £ 150 while others have seen discounts of up to £ 50.

Offers run from midnight today (Monday June 21) to 11:59 pm tomorrow (Tuesday June 22) on the Amazon website.

So if you move fast enough, you can get a deal before the deals run out or they end.

Don’t forget to check out our live blog for the latest Amazon Prime Day deals with lots of different items.

Back to the phones, and here are the best deals on Amazon Prime Day on Apple and Samsung products.

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Samsung Galaxy S21

Both memory sizes of the Samsung Galaxy S21 are part of the Amazon Prime Day Deals.

The 128GB gray model has seen its price drop from £ 649 to £ 614 during the 256 GB gray product saw his day go from £ 749 to £ 654.

Purple, pink and white are also offered for £ 614 for the 128GB storage size. If you want more storage space, the price increases accordingly.

All phones have three camera lenses: a 64 MP telephoto lens, a 12 MP wide angle lens, and a 12 MP front camera lens.

In addition, they offer many other features, including a long battery life, a fast processor and a Dynamix 2x display.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

If you want a slightly larger handset, you should go for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus.

Amazon offers the phone in a few different colors, including black, silver, and purple available with 128GB of storage for £ 754 versus £ 939.

You can get the phones with 256GB storage for an additional £ 50 at £ 794. They usually cost £ 989, which is almost a £ 200 saving.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This is a bit more powerful and has some additional functions than the standard Galaxy S21.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has increased from £ 1,149 to £ 914 128 GB model – a saving of more than £ 200. The 256 GB article is € 954.

It’s similar to the Galaxy S21, but has a better wide-angle camera lens on the back and a bigger screen. The display is also slightly improved.

Samsung Galaxy A12

The Samsung Galaxy A12 is an ideal product if you are new to the smartphone world or are looking for a cheaper item with fewer functions from the S21 or S21 Ultra.

Amazon has reduced the price of the A12 phone from £ 149 to £ 134 – a saving of £ 15.

It comes with a beautiful design, cameras on the front and back, and a sharp HD display on the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

To complement your Samsung smartphone, you might also want a smartwatch. Some of these will be offered as part of Amazon Prime Day.

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, you can take calls, receive SMS and even view your WhatsApp messages. It’s perfect as a complementary item for your phone.

The price of the gadget was lowered by Amazon from € 369 to € 294 if you go for the taller size and BT option. Silver and black are the colors that are available at a reduced price.

Apple iPhone 12

For the main iPhone 12, Amazon is selling the phone for £ 669, which is £ 40 off the handset cost from the original £ 699 price.

This phone has a super retina display, an A14 Bionic chip and an advanced camera system with two lenses in the back and one in the front.

Note that the £ 669 price is for the 64GB capacity phone, with a larger storage size costing more. Find out more on the Amazon website .

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini has a slightly smaller display size and physical size than the iPhone 12 and is cheaper.

Amazon is currently making a deal for the product, offering up to £ 20 off depending on which color you choose. The blue and red models are discounted at £ 569 while the others are slightly more expensive with tags at £ 579 or £ 589.

Also, it’s important to know that the £ 569 price is for the 64GB storage models. If you want more storage space, it increases the cost. Check out everything you need to know the iPhone 12 Mini offer on the Amazon website .

Apple Watch Series 3

An older Apple Watch model is on sale for Amazon Prime Day for only 169 € . That’s the case if you want the black color, the smaller 38mm tape, and GPS only.

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a Retina display, Bluetooth and a dual-core processor.

It is ideal as a complement to your Apple iPhone, where it works on most current handsets.


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