Best of BS Opinion: Unemployment rate, coronavirus outbreak, and more

The government has declared that the Covid-19 pandemic is in the “local transmission” stage.

The total number of cases rose to more than 1,100 on Monday. Commercial standard Today’s opinion pieces talk about various aspects of the pandemic.

Without more universal and rigorous testing, it is difficult to assess the next step: whether to extend the lock, tighten or end it, argues our main editorial.

The vital measure required in the current situation is to universalize the benefits: access to cooked food for those who do not have access to a kitchen, places to hide if the owners have evicted someone, telecommunications facilities for spending calls in case people can’t recharge. , and free medical tests and protective equipment such as masks, notes our second editorial.

The way forward remains uncertain, but the central case of India and the other economies must be a very sharp contraction in economic activity over the next few weeks as the foreclosure bites, followed by a slow recovery as we are moving from lockdown to less strict social distancing. , written Akash Prakash

In theory, if this situation were to continue throughout the month of April, what would be the unemployment rate in April? Almost zero. Because no one who did not have a job will actively seek it, writes Mahesh Vyas.


“I’m surprised to see such reports, there is no plan to extend the lockdown”

Rajiv Gauba, secretary to the cabinet


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