The Best TV Shows About Students From Netflix

Students get entertainment by watching TV, mainly those where they can relate to. This article lists down the best TV shows about students on Netflix.

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Students do a lot of things to relax and enjoy once in a while. One of the things that students love to do is watching TV shows about students, family, and relationships. And these days, the most popular platform to watch shows is Netflix. There are a lot of TV shows streaming from Netflix that students can learn from or connect with. 


TV Shows About Students on Netflix

Gossip Girl

Every fashion fan student will love watching Gossip Girl. This is about youngsters and the things they deal with daily as students and young individuals. Many episodes in this series are related to student life and relationships.

Blue Mountain State

This series tackles the life of college students from sports, dating, academics, alcohol, the party life, and many others. College students will enjoy the episodes from this series because they can easily connect to it. 

Dare Me

This series is about high school cheerleaders and their daily challenges as students and teens. It takes on the challenges that teens go through such as bullying, obsession, relationships, and school challenges. 

Dash & Lily 

Hopeless romantic teens will love this show. It is about Dash and Lily and their young romance. This will bring thrills and fun to the watching sessions of students, and they will surely enjoy the show.

Dawson’s Creek 

This series is about the struggles of maturing and growing up. This is a teen drama that brings different topics about adolescence and maturity. Students will connect easily as the topics taken in this series are real-life situations that many students and families go through. 

Degrassi: Next Class

This series shows the crazy and rollercoaster life of students who wanted to successfully juggle personal life, friendship, relationship, and school. It includes social issues and family drama that every student can relate to. The stories and episodes tackle the life of students and can bring a good message at the end.

Dream Big

When it comes to students, educational shows are also favorites. Dream Big is a documentary series about the best achievements in the field of engineering. Students under this course will be inspired to see what successful engineers have achieved in their careers.  

I am Kalam 

Students who love knowing more about different cultures and traditions will love the show I am Kalam. This will take the viewers to different places to introduce the cultures that are not commonly known to many. This is a highly educational show that students should see.

Inside Bill’s Brain

Bill Gates is an interesting person for many students. With the show Inside Bill’s Brain, students can learn more about Bill Gates. This features the goals, challenges, and achievements that the popular man has attained.

The Twilight Zone

These are horror shorts that film-making students can learn from. This series is also perfect for students who love thrillers and horror stories. It features several horror stories that will give students fun and enjoyment while getting scared. 

There are tons of shows that students can enjoy on Netflix. Some would even have their favorites and would never miss an episode. It is a good thing that there are platforms such as Netflix that show different films, series, and shows that students can relate to. These will help them relax while they take a break from their school activities. Student life is always hectic and filled with activities related to school and their personal life. Juggling school tasks can be challenging. They always have things to do to keep up with all the requirements for school. Students will go through exams, lectures, school projects, school activities, and more. And this makes student life busy and stressful. This is why students need to have a balance in their activities so as not to feel burnout and fatigue.

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