Betsy DeVos left Washington 5 months ago. Her legacy is alive and well.

The Department of Education held a week-long hearing in June to begin repealing the DeVos rule on how schools must deal with reports of sexual misconduct. It also shaped civic education by rejecting former President Donald Trump’s calls for a rosier view of American history and “patriotic” education. by praising the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 project, which Trump called “toxic propaganda.” The topic of school choice, a topic that DeVos campaigned for throughout her tenure, was pushed into the background.

“It’s no surprise that Biden’s Department of Education is doing exactly what it promised in the campaign that seeks to undo pretty much everything its predecessor did,” said Jeanne Allen, founder of the Center for Education Reform campaigning for school choice.

Paxton defends DeVos’ Title IX rule against a spate of lawsuits as Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed law Creation of the “1836 Project,” a reference to the year Texas declared independence from Mexico. Trump’s 1776 commission, a body he set up after last summer’s riots as a counterpoint to Project 1619’s emphasis on American slavery, is still in session despite being disbanded by President Joe Biden in January. New parent groups are also pushing for civic education highlighting systemic racism.

West Virginia was the last state to expand its charter school system. And the pandemic-triggered public school closings created the “clearest case I have seen in our life for school election,” Scott said in a speech to refute Biden’s first speech to Congress.

“Those of us who have worked through all of the different administrations appreciate it when states take their rightful position and make sure parents are ahead of bureaucracies,” Allen said.

Here are three policy areas where DeVos supporters are taking the greatest countermeasures:

Citizenship Studies – Larry Arnn and Parents Defend Education

The commission, revived in 1776, led by Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn held its first by-election To meet last month with a focus on civic education curricula.

The group has commended Conservative nations for having focused their attention on “developing a genuine civics education that will restore our common bonds, friendship and civic devotion”. The commission is still working on a curriculum that is designed in the “true spirit of 1776”.

Arnn’s group is also Encourage parents who believe in it their cause to run for the school board and to vote in this Elections.

“There is no stronger force than parents’ love for their children, and this restoration will depend on mothers and fathers demanding that their children no longer be taught false stories or fed hateful lies about our country,” the commission said.

At least one group of parents joined the 1776 cause: parents defend education.

Led by Nicole Neily who also serves as president of the national organization for freedom of expression on campus Speech First, Parents Defending Education has filed complaints against public school systems with the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Bureau. You have targeted school Groups for minority students to promote segregation and anti-racist actions by schools.

The group filed a complaint against Columbus City Schools in Ohio in May after admitting in April 2021 that “systemic racism … has existed in the Columbus City Schools education system for 175 years”. Parents Defending Education said in a statement that the admission of systemic racism “raises the question of why Columbus City Schools continue to receive federal funding since discrimination based on race, color, or national origin is a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act 1964.”

The complaint is similar to a Department of Education investigation launched last summer as part of DeVos at Princeton University after the school’s president said that students there faced “systematic racism” and that racism had “infiltrated” university structures. embedded “.

“Parents Defending Education’s work is impartial,” the group said in a statement. “We’re against discrimination in America’s schools, period. If the Department of Education adopts policies that defeat this ideal, we will continue to speak, comment, and take appropriate action to protect the rights of parents and students. “

Title IX and Gender – Texas Republican

Paxton, Texas AG, has attempted to set up a legal defense for the Trump administration Title IX Rules for Sexual Misconduct, but last month a federal judge denied his motion to intervene in a lawsuit. He argued in a short one that the latest Title IX review announced in April a threat to the rule and that the Biden government is “openly hostile to the final rule,” making the department unable to defend the rule in court.

“The new administration has taken the first steps to repeal the final rule,” Paxton wrote. “In the face of these measures, Texas cannot entrust the defense of its legitimate interests to the ministry.”

It is unclear whether Texas can intervene in the lawsuit.

Texas and other states continue DeVos efforts to remove transgender students from women’s sports teams and remove those students from Title IX protection against discrimination.

This year, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, and Florida passed laws preventing transgender students from playing on sports teams that match their gender identity.

In 2017, DeVos repealed the Obama-era guidelines protecting transgender students under Title IX. Her agency later backed a high profile lawsuit, the The Connecticut Sports Authority and school authorities threatened legal action or loss of funding for determining that the Transgender Athlete Policy is in violation of Title IX.

School choice – the center for educational reform

Scott, a staunch supporter of the school election, was strongly in favor of the DeVos-era political agenda item in his rebuttal of Biden’s first speech to Congress in April.

“I’m sad that millions of children have lost a year of learning when they couldn’t afford to lose a single day,” he said. “Our public schools should have reopened months ago. Other countries have done it. Private and religious schools did. “

A poll published by the American Federation for Children, which DeVos conducted prior to joining the Trump administration, found in January that 72 percent of K-12 parents who work full-time support school choices and 79 percent support education legislation Support Freedom Scholarship.

The Freedom Scholarship scheme, a DeVos favorite, aimed to provide federal tax credits for donations to scholarship-issuing organizations to help students attend private schools or expand their public education options.

The school election was not a hot topic of discussion in Congress as it was when DeVos was in office. However, Allen said this is by no means an indication that support for charter schools and choices are waning – even with the “negativity” of the Department of Education.

“The department’s efforts are attempts not only to reduce program funding, but also to try to get what I would call poison pills into regulatory language and guidance – get the education departments to be tougher on who gets approved and not t, ”she said in one go Interview, adding that “States have adopted and expanded their own programs”.

This year West Virginia and Iowa relocated to accommodate the expansion of charter schools in their states. Other states like Tennessee also want to strengthen their charter school programs.

“Parents are more active than ever,” she said. “I like to say it shouldn’t have taken a hurricane to turn New Orleans around, it shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to wake families and the public, but that’s exactly what happened.”

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