Biden blames climate change for Western wildfires in major contrast to Trump

President Joe Biden speaks about the recent wildfires at Sacramento Mather Airport on September 13, 2021. | Evan Vucci / AP Photo

MATHER, Calif. – President Joe Biden said Monday that western forest fires “blink code red” for our nation during a visit to California, lamenting the role of climate change in aggravating the disasters.

Biden’s remarks contrasted with those of his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, who visited the Sacramento area a year earlier and denied scientific consensus on the role of humans in global warming. “It’s getting cooler. Just watch, “Trump told officials. “I don’t think science actually knows.”

Biden, on the other hand, mourned how “everyone in Northern California knows the time of year when you can’t go outside, when the air is filled with smoke and the sky is spinning.” [an] apocalyptic shade of orange. “He cited his decisions to raise the federal fire service’s minimum wage and use resources to fight catastrophic fires while plugging his $ 3.5 trillion infrastructure package to finance climate resistance and clean energy.

“We can’t ignore the reality that climate change is fueling these forest fires,” Biden said at Mather Airport near Sacramento, shortly after flying over fire damage in the Lake Tahoe area. “It’s not about red or blue conditions. It’s about fire – just fire. “

Biden, who also visited the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, on Monday, was also asked about a recent media report alleging that California Governor Gavin Newsom misled the public about his administration’s efforts to prevent forest fires. The president will appear on behalf of the governor in Long Beach on Monday evening, the eve of Newsom’s recall election.

“He didn’t,” Biden turned to say just out of earshot as he walked out of a hanger with the governor.

Newsom introduced the president and state and federal leaders were in attendance. “California’s leadership has been challenged for the past four years,” said the governor. “But that headwind is now a tailwind with the Biden government. We are not sparring partners, we are working partners when it comes to questions of climate change and dealing with the challenges of forest fires. “

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