Biden camp clapback: Trump’s best debate case ‘made in urine’

Biden camp clapback: Trump’s best debate case ‘made in urine’

Even Biden laughed at Trump’s recent ridicule, though the Democratic candidate chose not to say anything when a reporter asked him about the president’s request later on Sunday.

“He’s almost …” said Biden said before he interrupts. “No. I have no comment.”

The Biden campaign was later reconsidered.

“Vice-President Biden intends to deliver his debate responses in words. If the president thinks his best case is in the urine, he can have it, ”said Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s assistant campaign manager. “We wouldn’t expect anything less from Donald Trump, who missed the chance to save the lives of 200,000 Americans when he had no plan to stop COVID-19.”

Ordinarily, Biden’s campaign would not respond to Trump, calling his comments a distraction or a case of serial fraud, or both. Biden, for example, has declined to say in the past few days last week whether he is still refusing to add more members to the Supreme Court and Bedingfield declined to comment on the idea that Trump will not agree to peacefully transfer power if he loses the race to Biden.

But Trump’s remarks about Biden using drugs and needing a drug test were too strange to miss for the campaign, especially because advisors want this trial story to unfold because it shows how much anger Trump is in regarding the debates .

Trump has portrayed Biden as weak and “sleepy” for months, but has set expectations so low that he moves into debate but makes sure the former vice president more than delivers, and Trump is preparing for a presidency of his own.

So Trump recently tested his new one attack Line telling a crowd on September 19th “underestimate {Biden]Not

…. They give [Biden] One big fat shot in the ass and it comes out and for two hours it’s better than ever. “

Biden’s longtime advisors and observers note that he doesn’t even drink alcohol.


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