Biden carries big cash advantage into final weeks of election

Biden warns of ‘dark winter’ in America

The Republican National Committee raised $ 38 million and spent $ 43 million, while the Democratic National Committee raised $ 37 million and spent $ 59 million from Oct.1-14.

Although Biden has taken a wide lead over Trump in the cash race, Trump has dismissed the idea that it would hamper his campaign. “We don’t need money, we have a lot of money,” said Trump during the debate on Thursday evening. “In fact, we beat Hillary Clinton with a tiny fraction of the money,” she said.

The Biden campaign used its monetary advantage to flood Trump on the radio waves. Biden has Trump drastically outperformed on televisionAccording to Advertising Analytics, an additional $ 178 million in television ads will be aired from June 1 through Election Day.

The huge sums of money are chasing after a shrinking subgroup of voters, with over 48 million Americans already casting their votes, according to figures Data from the US election project. This corresponds to more than 35 percent of the total voter turnout in 2016, as voters both submit record postal ballots and vote in person to vote early.

Some critical swing states are also ahead of the national pace. Michigan has already reached 39 percent of its 2016 voter turnout, while Wisconsin has already reached 38 percent of its 2016 voter turnout. North Carolina has cracked 51 percent, and Texas is the national market leader with more than 65 percent.


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