Biden DHS chief says 'border is closed' but U.S. won't expel children

The rapid increase in migrants entering the US, which the Biden administration does not describe as a “crisis”, has become an urgent challenge for the president just two months after his term in office. US border officials arrested more than 100,000 migrants in February, up 28 percent from the previous month.

In addition to criticizing their policies for recovery, administrators are also faced with questions because they do not allow the media access to border facilities so that the public can see the situation first hand. Mayorkas said “we are working on it” but made it clear that it was not a top priority. He said the government was dealing with a pandemic and “is not currently focused on ridesharing”.

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked Mayorkas if there was a “gag order” blocking access to the media, which Mayorkas refused.

“We focus on our operations by moving children from these overcrowded border patrol stations to the health and social care facilities that can best protect them,” he said. “And we’re also working to make it accessible so that the American public can see what’s going on in a safe way without putting our business at risk. We’re working on it.”

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