Biden, Harris form inaugural committee

Senator Yvanna Cancela of the state of Nevada and Erin Wilson, the national political director of the Biden Harris Campaign, will both serve as assistant executive directors on the opening committee.

Accompanied by Biden and Harris’ announcement on Monday was the digital launch of the committee, including a new website with an online shop “with exclusive opening goods and collectibles”.

In their statement, Biden’s inaugural team said the committee would “work closely with the Joint Congressional Opening Ceremonies Committee … to coordinate all activities related to the 59th Opening Ceremonies, prioritize people’s safety, and the spread of COVID-19 to prevent while all Americans are involved. ”

It remains unclear how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will affect the inauguration planning in less than two months as public health experts warn of rising case numbers during the holiday season.

Allen, the committee’s CEO, admitted in a statement that “this year’s inauguration will be different in the face of the pandemic, but we will honor American inauguration traditions and involve Americans across the country while everyone stays healthy and safe.”

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