Biden: ‘I think we’ve had enough debates’

Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested on Wednesday that there should be no television debates for the rest of the 2020 Democratic primary, suggesting that Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont is unwilling to be on stage again next month.

Ater a virtual press conference Biden was asked about the explanation of the Sanders campaign about the coronavirus pandemic carried out from his home in Delaware The New York Times on Tuesday that the Senator would appear in an April debate if the National Democratic Committee continued to organize the event.

When asked whether he would also participate, Biden said: “I am concentrating on this crisis. I didn’t think of any further debates. I think we have had enough debates. I think we should continue with this. “

Biden and Sanders last exchanged barbs in their first individual debate on the primary cycle on March 15, and it is unclear whether there will be another such forum before the general election campaign begins.

Despite the indications that he would withdraw from the Democratic nomination competition shortly after his fall to Biden in the last round of the primaries last week, Sanders withstood the party’s pressure and remained in the race – due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus across the country was changed.

Campaign workers have started working from home, several states have postponed primary voting, and rallies and town halls that have been scheduled have been massively scrapped. Even the fate of the Milwaukee Democratic Convention this summer is in the midst of the public health crisis.

In the meantime, Biden and Sanders have been trying to adapt to new methods of contacting supporters as their campaign organizations increasingly rely on digital resources.

“I am learning a lot more about how to spread the message beyond what we do,” Biden said on Wednesday, adding that there are still “many ways to communicate with the American people.”

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