Biden kills Trump’s sculpture garden of ‘American heroes’

In addition to pioneering political and historical figures, Trump’s garden would have a number of high profile figures such as basketball player Kobe Bryant “Jeopardy!” Host Alex Trebek and legendary baseball pitcher Cy Young.

It was virtually certain that Biden would not go ahead with the project, which was put forward in large part as a countermeasure to last summer’s protests against racial justice and the debate over the removal of memorials to Confederate icons.

“These statues not only belong to us, but can be thrown away at the whim of those who are inflamed by fashionable political passions. They belong to generations that came before us and generations that are still unborn.

Since taking office, Biden has not shied away from undoing parts of Trump’s legacy – just as the former president was pleased to neglect that of former President Barack Obama, under whom Biden served as vice-president.

Biden has, among other things, stopped the Keystone XL pipeline project, stopped the construction of the border wall along the border between the United States and Mexico, and reversed Trump’s exit from the World Health Organization.

In particular, Biden said goodbye to Trump addressing issues of racial justice that have been an integral part of political debates across the country for much of the past year and his approach to law enforcement.

Killing Trump’s sculpture garden is a symbolic gesture for Biden, as little concrete work has been done to make it a reality since it was announced last year, other than naming the people who will be included.

Biden also killed Trump’s executive order as of May against major social media companies that the former president and his Republicans believe discriminate against conservative online speech.

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