Biden leads Trump in new polls despite coronavirus approval bounce

Even though the Fox News survey is an outlier, all three surveys show a uniform pattern: In each survey, Trump has reached or exceeded his previous flood mark in the approval of the order. However, his vote against Biden in every poll is below his approval rate.

Taken together, the polls indicate that a slightly larger proportion of democratically-minded and independent voters tell respondents that they now approve of Trump’s job as president – but support for a second term remains with the same voters.

By doing ABC News / Washington Post pollTrump announced his first positive approval rating among all adults: 48 percent agreed and 46 percent declined. Among the registered voters, his approval rate was one point higher at 49 percent, although his vote against Biden is 47 percent lower by 2 points.

The Fox News poll found Trump’s approval rate among registered voters was up to 48 percent – the first time since a Fox News poll in February 2017, just a few weeks after his presidency, that Trump’s job approval was so high. However, the president’s vote against Biden was 8 percentage points lower.

Trump’s approval rate among Democrats rose to 16 percent in the Fox News poll and to 36 percent among independents. But he only wins 5 percent of the Democrats and 24 percent of the Independent in a head-to-head match against Biden.

By doing Monmouth surveyThe difference between Trump’s 48 percent approval rating among registered voters and the 45 percent he registered against Biden was less, but also showed a delay in the vote share.

The new polls come as Trump faces the biggest challenge of his presidency, even though his approval ratings have risen one level. The Covid 19 outbreak has killed over 2,000 Americans after crossing the 1,000 mark on Thursday. This number is expected to continue to grow significantly this week, while creating challenges for public health and the economy that no White House has faced for decades.

All three polls – along with other recent polls, including a POLITICO / Morning Consult poll last week – show that a small majority of voters approve of Trump’s use of the virus, which is above his approval ratings.

However, the numbers are far from unanimous: in the ABC News / Washington Post poll, 52 percent of registered voters agree and 45 percent disapprove of the work Trump is doing to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. In the Fox News poll, it was 51 percent, 46 percent opposed. According to the Monmouth poll, 51 percent of voters say he does a good job, while 45 percent say he does a bad job of dealing with corona virus.

Although Trump is the leader in all three surveys, there are some warning signs for Biden in the data.

With the Democratic frontrunner and his campaign largely excluded from the news in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the ABC News / Washington Post poll shows a significant lack of enthusiasm for Trump. A majority of Trump voters, 55 percent, say they are “very excited” about the president’s support.

But only 28 percent of Biden voters say they are “very excited” to support the former vice president, who was banned from the campaign via a video camera installed at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, as the virus rages in the United States and primaries makes land shifted to late spring or early summer.

Fox News’ poll shows that Biden does not have a party-political gap in the 2020 campaign with a bigger lead: 56 percent of Democrats and Republicans said they were “extremely interested” in the election this year.

The ABC News / Washington Post poll was conducted from March 22-25 and polled 845 registered voters with an error rate of 3.5 percentage points.

The Fox News poll was conducted from March 21-24 and polled 1,011 registered voters with an error rate of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The Monmouth University poll was conducted from March 18-22 and polled 754 registered voters with an error rate of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.

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