Biden pushes faith as a unifier at National Prayer Breakfast

President Joe Biden on Thursday urged faith as a recipe for “dark, dark times” as the nation suffers from an ongoing pandemic and its economic fallout.

“Now, over the years I have attended many of these prayer breakfasts with a nation at war and battle and strife, a nation of peace and prosperity, a nation that is always in prayer. What we know this time is different” Biden told National Prayer Breakfast Thursday, which lists events from the past year, including the death toll from pandemics, severe weather, high unemployment and long lines at food banks. “For so many in our nation this is a dark, dark time. So where do we go? Believe.”

Biden, the second Catholic to become president, emphasized political unity at a time when many are in need. “These are not Democrats or Republicans who are starving in our nation. They are our fellow Americans, fellow men. They are not Democrats or Republicans who can get by without health care in America. They are our fellow Americans.”

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