Biden: Putin will ‘pay a price’ for interfering in 2020 election

Declined to comment on the consequences Putin would face, Biden said, “You will see shortly.” But he claimed the US could “walk and chew gum at the same time” in terms of its foreign policy in Russia.

“There are places where it is in our mutual interest to work together,” said Biden, referring specifically to the extension of the new START Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by the two governments in January.

“That happened while he was doing this,” Biden said of Putin’s electoral influence. “But that is mostly in the interests of humanity.”

Biden’s remarks come after The Office of the Director of the National Intelligence Service released a declassified assessment On Tuesday, Putin was found to have approved “influence operations to denigrate” Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party, while “supporting” former President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

According to the ODNI, the influence operations carried out by various Russian government organizations also had the aim of “undermining public confidence in the electoral process” and “exacerbating the socio-political divisions in the USA”.

Russia previously “interfered in the 2016 presidential election in a comprehensive and systematic manner”. Former Special Adviser Robert Mueller wrote in his March 2019 report.

Biden, who has dealt with Putin throughout the Obama administration, has reported on several occasions of a 2011 meeting at which the The then vice-president is said to have told the Russian leader about it: “I don’t think you have a soul.”

“I told him that, yes,” said Biden Stephanopoulos in the interview that was broadcast on Wednesday. “And his answer was:” We understand each other. “I wasn’t a wise guy. I was alone with him in his office. That’s how it came about.”

“Look, in my experience, the most important thing in dealing with foreign executives – and I have dealt with so many of them in my career – just to know the other,” added the president.

When asked by Stephanopoulos whether he considered Putin to be “a murderer”, Biden replied: “Mm hmm. I do.”

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