Biden Should Do What Trump Never Could: End America’s Forever Wars

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T.This is another type of war that we will wage aggressively and methodically to disrupt and destroy terrorist activity, ”said President George W. Bush announced just over two weeks after the 9/11 attacks. “Some victories are won outside the public eye, tragedies avoided and threats removed. Other victories will be apparent to everyone. ”

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the war on terror, including the undeclared American conflict in Afghanistan. After the original nickname of that war Operation Infinite JusticeThe Pentagon was renamed for violating Muslim sensibilities and renamed Operation Enduring Freedom. Despite neither a clear victory nor the slightest evidence that this country was ever given permanent freedom, fighting in Afghanistan ended ” according to the Ministry of Defense in 2014. In reality, this fight simply continued under a new name, Operation Freedom’s Sentineland still grinds today.

Like the 2003 invasion of Iraq known as Operation Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and Freedom’s Sentinel did not live up to their names. None of the monikers slotted into the American wars after September 11th ever caught the public imagination. The battlefields spread from Afghanistan and Iraq to Yemen, Somalia, the Phillipines, Libya, Syria, Niger, Burkina Faso, and beyond – at a price north of $ 6.4 trillion and a human output that at least includes 335,000 civilians killed and at least 37 million evicted from their homes. Meanwhile, those long-promised clear victories never came about, even as the number of terrorist groups increased around the world.


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