Biden tries to catch Trump with post-debate digital onslaught

Biden tries to catch Trump with post-debate digital onslaught

A day after Donald Trump’s campaign launched its digital powers with a seven-figure ad purchase, Joe Biden’s campaign responded with a post-debate rush for digital advertising that started at midnight to win the online narrative surrounding the debate.

The purchase of digital ads for the Biden campaign on Wednesday includes taking over home pages on many of the most popular websites on the internet, including the most expensive digital ad space of all – the YouTube home page – which the Trump campaign ran on Tuesday. The Biden campaign also bought home page ad space from AOL, Yahoo! CNN, Fox News, Pandora, Univision, Reddit, The Daily Mail, CBS Sports and others.

In the Biden campaign, the widespread ad purchase was viewed as a “takeover of the Internet”. One of Biden’s YouTube home page ads that are expected to receive millions of views is a new ad that attacks Trump’s debate power. “Over 200,000 dead, 14 million jobs lost and Donald Trump spent a whole debate blaming others,” says the narrator, regarding a Biden presidency as a “fresh start.”


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