Biden urges Congress to pass election reform in wake of Georgia voting restrictions

Georgia’s Comprehensive New Election Act will add an ID requirement for voters requesting a postal vote, shortening runoff length and effectively handing the electoral board over to lawmakers. It also limits dropboxing and prohibits voters from giving voters food or drinks in line. Voters in Georgia’s primary elections were just around the corner at times for several hours, especially near and in Atlanta, a heavily democratic area in the tightly divided state.

The amendments, which were passed by Republicans in state assembly and signed by Republican Governor Brian Kemp on Thursday, come after the Democrats held a decisive runoff in the Senate in January and gave the Democrats a majority in the Chamber.

Republicans to and from Georgia, especially those who support former President Donald Trump, have introduced new election restrictions and spearheaded “electoral integrity”, although there is no evidence of widespread electoral fraud. Democrats and voting representatives have called the effort “voter suppression”.

At his first official press conference on Thursday, Biden had criticized efforts to restrict access to voting and described them as “sick”.

“I’m concerned about how un-American this whole initiative is,” said Biden.

Senator Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) Too slammed Georgia’s new election restrictions on Friday.

“What the legislature did yesterday is to try to arrest the votes and the votes of the people,” Warnock said.

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