Biden Wants to Spend More Than Trump to Maintain a Bloated Defense Budget

Robert Reich knows a thing or two about federal budgets, and the economist who has served in three presidential administrations says something is wrong Joe Biden’s plan Increase Pentagon spending above former President Trump’s proposed levels.

“The Pentagon is already spending: $ 740 billion per year, $ 2,000,000,000 per day, $ 1,000,000 per minute” says the former Minister of Labor. “The last thing we need is a bigger military budget.”

Unfortunately, this is what the President is looking for. This has led Reich to announce that he is “frankly disappointed that Biden is proposing $ 715 billion for the Pentagon – an increase over Trump’s defense budget of $ 704 billion – instead of returning to the Obama Biden’s defense spending – Era or less to turn to. “

“Or less” is the right direction, especially at a moment as Republican deficit hawks prepare to attack domestic spending, essential for working families hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s $ 1.5 trillion budget plan can only recommend it. The President seeks significant increases in funding for education and suggests investment in criminal justice and police reform, the fight against gun violence, and other worthy efforts. “Despite the positive investments in these programs,” said Representative Barbara Lee, “I was incredibly disappointed with the sharp increase in Pentagon spending to an even higher level than the Trump administration.” With so many people across the country struggling to make ends meet, the last thing we need to do is increase investment in wasteful Pentagon spending. ” Determine “This budget adds twelve billion new dollars for weapons of war,” the longtime critic of Endless Wars urges us, “just to think about how that same amount could be used to invest in jobs, health care and tackling inequality – especially if we fight us. ” a once-in-a-century public health and economic crisis. ”

Lee was once a lonely voice in bringing down Pentagon spending. But the California Democrat now has allies in powerful places. “I have serious concerns” says Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Chairman of the Senate Budgets Committee, “on the proposed $ 753 billion budget request for the bloated Pentagon – an increase of $ 12.3 billion from last year’s Trump -Administration. At a time when the US is already spending more on the military than the next 12 nations combined, it is time for us to seriously investigate the massive cost overruns, waste, and fraud that currently exist at the Pentagon. “


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