Biden will tap Deese to be top White House economic adviser

Some progressive groups have warned against recruiting Deese, 42, for a post in the White House as he is currently in the financial sector.

“We are, as our name suggests, concerned about revolving door discontinuation,” Jeff Hauser, who started the Revolving Door Project to screen executive agents, told POLITICO last week. “And Brian Deeses [relationship] BlackRock is making it less likely that the federal government will curb BlackRock as it should. “

However, Deese is widely used in democratic politics. He worked in President Barack Obama’s White House on auto-rescue and the environment, where he served as associate director of both the NEC and the Office of Management and Budget. At BlackRock, his work has focused on raising funds for sustainable investments such as clean energy.

“He has just proven himself to be a powerful advocate of the business transition to a cleaner economy,” said John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and advisor to President Barack Obama before founding the progressive group Center for American Progress POLITICO last week: “I have no question that he will be aggressively promoting the environment.”

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