Biden’s selling an ambitious agenda. Americans still aren’t sure what it is.

This could pose a hurdle for the president to bet on these ambitious, sweeping plans not only to revitalize the economy but to register with voters when they return to the ballot box.

The plans, which spend nearly $ 4 trillion, would fund billions of dollars for infrastructure projects across the country and greatly improve the social safety net through things like childcare and parental leave, while making historic investments in fighting climate change.

In polls after polls, these individual components of the bills have strong public support, which, according to Biden advisors, is more important than knowing the names of the plans themselves.

“The overwhelming consensus among public polls is that these plans – which independent studies show – would help create millions of jobs, fundamentally change the game for families, and even reverse the long-term decline in job opportunities for Americans without college degrees – with a response in resonance are a decisive majority of the country; and in some cases with a majority of Republicans, “said Andrew Bates, White House spokesman.

However, the poll suggests that the White House needs to explain to the public that Biden’s bills do indeed contain these popular provisions.

Biden’s approval rating in Morning Consult’s poll was 55 percent approval and 41 disapproval – 50 percent approving of his dealings with the economy and 40 percent disapproving – underscoring that the president is in strong political shape, even when the public disapproves of him familiar is primary legislative initiatives. However, the survey also shows a split in the perception of where the country is headed. 49 percent say the nation is on the right track and 51 percent on the wrong track. That is easily reversed a month beforeWhen 53 percent said things were going in the right direction and 47 percent said the country was on the wrong track.

On the White House’s immediate legislative initiatives The poll found that 52 percent of Democrats surveyed were unfamiliar with the American family plan, and 63 percent of Republicans and 76 percent of Independents were unfamiliar with the plan. Just over a third of respondents, 35 percent, said they were familiar with the plan and correctly identified it as a democratic proposal.

When asked about the American employment plan, which, according to the Biden administration, mainly contains “hard infrastructure” such as roads, bridges and tunnels, 47 percent of the Democrats surveyed were unfamiliar with it, 72 percent of those who identified themselves as independent were unfamiliar it, and 67 percent of Republican voters polled were unfamiliar with it. Just over a third of respondents said they were familiar with the American employment plan and correctly identified it as a Democratic proposal.

The data underscored something that is often true among political activists but seldom appreciated: the public pays far less attention than they do to the daily news cycle. On a larger scale, however, the results speak for the quality of sales that Biden and Democrats have yet to see if they try to convince Republicans to support an infrastructure bill and pass it without the GOP’s support.

The White House has gone to great lengths to sell custom ideas as part of their work and family plans – including naming specific infrastructure goals in places like Georgia and Louisiana – or to promote Biden taxing the rich, which is tax credit for Children want to expand or invest at an early stage. Biden himself, as well as key deputies like Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg, have also looked at reporting inequalities in the tax system, stressing that the plans are aimed at shifting the tax burden on the rich.

But you also touted the overall plans yourself.

Tuesday only Twitter feed of the president gave one of his proposals a call by name – with a certain context: “Nobody should choose between a job and a paycheck, or have to take care of themselves and their loved ones. The American Families Plan finally includes up to 12 weeks of paid family and sick leave. ”

With the blessing of the White House, an outside group called Rebuild together was launched earlier this year to boost news of Biden’s proposals, including in key battlefield states.

The group’s recent discussion points received from POLITICO have highlighted one of the difficulties associated with selling: there are several similar-sounding invoices for sale.

“From the American rescue plan to the American employment plan to the American family plan” began the introduction to the discussion points. “The Biden government puts fairness at the heart of our economic recovery.”

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