Biden’s strategy for Trump’s impeachment: Sit back and STFU

“[It] It just doesn’t make sense for Biden to weigh impeachment, ”said a source familiar with White House thinking. “He already said he was thinking [there] were reasons for impeachment, but he must continue to focus on helping people through this crisis. ”

Several other people familiar with White House thinking say the Biden team sees no advantage in Biden that weighs on impeachment. either. His statements would certainly not move votes on the Republican side, it is said. Even the slightest comment on Trump at a press conference would wipe out everything they are still doing that day. Speaking Trump would also signal to Americans that Biden is already leaning towards politics rather than figuring out how to get shot in people’s arms.

“The last thing Americans want to see now is the talk from the podium,” Karen Finney, a former Hillary Clinton campaign advisor and Democratic strategist, said of the White House discussing impeachment. “One of the things you’re trying to say here is,” It’s a new day, it’s a new government. “You will not use the White House and the tools of the presidency to get involved in politics.”

Even so, Biden’s public shrug at the impeachment trial is a remarkable contrast to Senate Democrats, who claim the process is essential to holding Trump accountable for instigating the deadly January 6 uprising in the Capitol. A Democratic Senator told POLITICO The process was important in promoting Trump’s “really heinous criminal wrongdoing and criminal intent” publicly.

But when Psaki was pressured on Monday about how Biden would approach the trial, she stepped out of the way or refused, saying it was up to Congress to look into it. She once said that Biden had nothing new to say because he was no longer in the Senate, where the trial would take place on Tuesday.

“He won’t be spending much time following the negotiations – if at all – later this week,” said Psaki. “He will leave the pace, process, and mechanisms of impeachment to members of Congress.”

Reporters urged Psaki how Biden could tell CBS News that Trump was too unstable to get information, without considering whether to deny him the opportunity to run again – which may be the end result of a Senate conviction could be.

“Well, he ran against him because he felt unfit for office and defeated him, and that’s why he’s no longer President – Trump is no longer President of the United States,” said Psaki. “I think his views on the former president are pretty clear. But he will leave it to the Senate to push this impeachment process forward. “

The Biden world’s determination not to be distracted by Trumpian distractions is reminiscent of the strategy they followed on the campaign. It was one that focused on sticking to the core message, avoiding the Twitter conversation and defying the calls, adopting the attitude and temperament of the left.

Even during Trump’s first impeachment, Biden was one of the last in a sprawling democratic campaign field to call for investigation, despite being the focus of the issue. Trump was then examined to see if he was putting pressure on the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden’s political involvement and his son Hunter’s business relationships in the country.

Another outside adviser said Biden has questioned the risk of a current president weighing the actions of a former president and is concerned about exacerbating political divisions. “Biden is still an institutionalist,” said the adviser, noting that the president is likely to be asking, “If I say something, will it make the country even worse?”

The Republicans have viewed the latest impeachment trial as a worthless political exercise, as the Democrats do not have the votes to condemn. They also plan to argue Tuesday that it is unconstitutional to indict a former president.

With the predetermined outcome, Finney argued that if Biden exaggerated Trump’s impeachment, he would only risk creating unnecessary political waves with the segment of America that still supports the former president.

“It is recognized that there are people who are still in different stages of grief for Trump,” she said of Biden’s reluctance to talk about impeachment policies. Finney said Biden was better off sending a different message to those voters: “Many of these people who may have voted for Trump and are in red states are also trying to save their lives.”

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