Biden’s United Nations nominee to take a hard line on China

“In particular, we know that China is working throughout the UN system to advance an authoritarian agenda that contradicts the institution’s core values ​​- American values,” she will say. “Your success depends on our continued withdrawal. That won’t happen on my watch. “

The Black Thomas Greenfield is one of the most famous color diplomats in Washington. The numerous positions of the graduate of Louisiana State University led her from Pakistan to Switzerland to Jamaica. She was ambassador to Liberia, deputy state secretary for African affairs and senior human resources officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She is expected to work to strengthen international ties that have frayed under the Trump administration, which pulled out of a number of UN bodies and often took a solo approach to diplomacy.

“When America emerges – if we are consistent and persistent – if we exercise our influence according to our values ​​- the United Nations can be an indispensable institution for promoting peace, security and our collective well-being,” Thomas-Greenfield said. “If we instead step away from the table and allow others to fill the void, the global community suffers – and American interests too.”

However, she will add that the UN must be held accountable.

“We must have the courage to insist on reforms that make the United Nations efficient and effective and the persistence to push reforms through,” she will say.

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