Bill and Ted Face the Music Trailer Is out and Fans Are Excited and Can’t Wait for Release Date

Over time, some franchise films have established themselves in the annals of Hollywood history. Movies like Terminator, Matrix and Lord of the Rings have sometimes released a series of sequels, all of which are equally successful. A few years ago we saw the successful sequel of the movie Dumb and Dumber. After a break of about 20 years, we saw the iconic comedy duo of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reunite for this fun ride. News about such a line is expected soon. Stay tuned on our website for more updates on this.

Bill and Ted Face the Music: Plot

Bill and Ted focus on the journey of two relaxed middle-aged people. In the first film, we saw how the two had to travel back to the past to restructure a history lesson. The planet’s survival relied on their success to pass the test. In such a circumstance they met prominent figures from history. However, the story is slightly different in this episode. We see Bill and Ted enter middle age.

With the advent of this tenure comes the slowness and fear of interacting with people. One day a visitor from the future will come to them. He tells them that the world as they knew it would survive only if they composed and sang a song. In the events that lead to this, Bell and Ted use the time machine to return to the past. There they meet again prominent personalities and other music legends. They in turn help them with their regular activities.

Bill and Ted Face the Music Trailer Is out and Fans Are Excited and Can’t Wait for Release Date 1

Bill and Ted Face the Music: Release Date

The release date for the movie is set for August 21, 2020. This date has been announced, bearing in mind that the after-effects of the pandemic would be over by then. So there will be no problem with the post-production activities and the film’s release schedule.

Bill and Ted Face the Music: Cast

Keanu Reaves and Alex Winter would star in the roles of Bill and Ted, respectively. Along with them, actors such as William Saddler, Kid Cudi and Holland would be Taylor. They would also play spinning supporting roles in the storyline.

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