Bill & Ted Face the Music VOD Release Moves Up to August!!!

Bill & Ted Face the Music VOD Release Moves Up to August!!!

The planners behind Bill & Ted Face the Music have determined that the film’s recently released release date for VOD and limited theatrical engagements was too fake to sustain. So, in another frantic shift (one that becomes quite common within the COVID period), the belated third submission within the film franchise will see the recently set date shift from September to the top of August – that’s this month!

Bill & Ted Face the Music is now about to hit VOD and limit global theater performances on Friday, August 28. The brand new date is just a week ahead of the September 1 release (which opponents raised no objection to), which was introduced several weeks in the past. While no reason was given for the release date shift – introduced by co-star Alex Winter – it could be attributed to several latest main schedule shifts, most notably Disney’s transfer Mulan away from theatrical plans towards a streaming release on Disney + on Friday September 4 and the epic of director Christopher Nolan, Rack, which will now hit theaters when choosing US quotes on Wednesday, September 2. Certainly, the transfer is being separated Bill & Ted from the aggressive Labor Day weekend arrival of heavy hitters releases that may have stolen the oxygen from its VOD drop.

Now set for August 28 Bill & Ted Face the Music will compete with a few COVID limited streaming and / or VOD releases, probably the most notable Marvel movie The New Mutants, which is yet to be scheduled to hit theaters on the same date, regardless of widespread expectations that it will switch to streaming on Disney + as well as the identical premium VOD route as Bill & Ted. But this latest set of vacation spot for the air-guitar time-traveling threequel is the supposed end result of a course originally planned (again early 2019) for a theatrical release on August 21, held until recently, such as last June, when – in the light of some short-lived optimisim – it was actually shifted until August 14; a transfer that quickly turned out to be silly in light of the welfare disaster that followed the aforementioned and now nixed September 1 date.

Nevertheless, Bill & Ted Face the Music, will finally do what the title means, and before we thought (as soon as possible). The film selects problems – almost thirty years after the fact itself – from the well-known 1989 film franchise Bill & Ted’s Wonderful Journey and 1991’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, detailing the role of Alex Winter’s reprisals as Bill S. Preston, Esq. and celebrity Keanu Reeves as Ted “Theodore” Logan, each continuing their hitherto unsuccessful attempt to compose their long-prophesied world peace-producing hit by taking an extra journey through time, this time accompanied by Bill’s daughter, Thea Preston ( Samara Weaving), and Ted’s daughter, Billie Logan (Brigette Lundy-Paine), along with the return of False journeyLoss of Life (William Sadler) and newcomers from the franchise, performed by Child Cudi, Jillian Bell and Kristen Schaal.


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