Bin Laden's ex-adviser claims he enjoyed outrageous airline perks before 9/11 attacks


A former senior al-Qaeda leader claims that the Saudi authorities have discounted airline tickets that he found in Channel 4 documentary Bin Laden: The Road to 11th

Senior al-Qaeda leader says he has received discounts on flights

The former advisor to Osama bin Laden has claimed that prior to the Sept.

Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, who was imprisoned for nine and nine years on charges of terrorism, boasts that the Saudi authorities have discounted airline tickets he “traveled for jihad”.

“The years I spent in jihad were without a doubt the best years of my life,” said the former high-ranking al-Qaeda leader of the Channel 4 documentary Bin Laden: The Road to 9/11.

“People may not believe that I, Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, used to travel for jihad with a 75 percent discount on flights operated by the Saudi authorities.”

Osama bin Laden was a member of one of the richest families in Saudi Arabia


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The world remembered the 9/11 attacks on the weekend after 20 years


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Twenty years after the attacks on New York that killed nearly 3,000 people, questions are still being asked about whether Saudi Arabia funded and supported the atrocities.

Fifteen of the 19 al-Qaeda terrorists who hijacked four US airliners on September 11, 2001 were citizens of Saudi Arabia – while bin Laden was a member of one of the country’s richest families.

Abu Hafs al-Mauritani’s allegations come amid a federal mass lawsuit by families of the victims who allege senior Saudi officials were involved in the attacks.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly denied allegations that its officials were aware of or involved in the terrorist plot.

On Saturday, President Biden and ex-Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama joined dozens of dignitaries during a 20th anniversary service in New York.

The Queen, Boris Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer were among the British leaders who remembered the tragedy by praising the international resolve in the years that followed.

Former President Bill Clinton, Former First Lady Hillary Clinton, Former President Barack Obama, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, President Joe Biden, and First Lady Jill Biden at the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum on September 11, 2021


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In a message to President Biden, Her Majesty said: “On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the terrible attacks on the 11th victim and the first responders and rescue workers called in.”

Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, who co-founded modern al-Qaeda with bin Laden, was released from prison in 2012.

He was released from prison in Mauritania, North Africa, after giving up ties to the terrorist group and condemning the 9/11 attacks.

The documentary, which continues tonight, also hears from former FBI agent Ali Soufan, who explains how bin Laden planned the attacks with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – described as the “September 11th architect”.

“Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has always dreamed of attacking the World Trade Center and other facilities with airplanes,” says Soufan.

“Osama bin Laden listened and then he looked at Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and said, ‘Why do you want to go to war with an ax when you can go with a bulldozer?’

“He started changing the plan to hijack planes flying from the east coast to the west coast – because they will be full of fuel – and fly them into targeted buildings.”

Bin Laden was killed by US forces in 2011. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is currently being held by the US in Guantanamo Bay Detention Center on terrorism charges.

Bin Laden: The road to September 11th continues on channel 4 this evening at 10 p.m.


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