Birmingham mum 'grabs camera' after binman's outfit 'made her day'

A Birmingham mother who moved to Liverpool was shocked by the massive contrast between the city’s garbage collectors – after discovering a Liverpool city worker – disguised as a clown.

She said the garbage collector was making her day when she spotted him on a cold and miserable morning, the reports Liverpool echo

Amanda Parker, 46, lives with her six-year-old daughter on Gerneth Close in Speke near Liverpool.

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She previously lived in Birmingham for 23 years and was shocked by the funny antics of a Liverpool city council member.

Early on Tuesday morning (October 5th), she spotted a trash can near her and was so surprised by what she saw that she had to snap a picture.

Amanda said, “I heard the garbage collectors outside and just looked out the window and saw him and couldn’t stop laughing. I had to quickly get my cell phone and take some pictures.”

The astonished mother caught the garbage man, who wore a colorful curly wig and a big red nose.

She said, “He just waved to people and gave them a thumbs up and waved to the kids.

“He was absolutely brilliant, honest. It was a hideously cold morning, miserable, and Tuesday morning is full of spring joys. It didn’t make me half laugh.

Amanda said it was a long way from her days in Birmingham. She said: “It was a massive contrast because I lived in Birmingham for 23 years, even though Liverpool is my hometown, and right before I left in 2018 they had a trash can strike for three months so there weren’t any garbage collectors at And when they showed up.” , like everything else, they were unhappy. ”

Binman on Liverpool Street was a massive contrast to Brummie City Council workers

She added that the kids who ended up seeing the Liverpudlian Binman “absolutely loved him. He’s the boss, he deserves an award”.

Amanda’s photo of the weird garbage collector was posted to a Speke Facebook group and received over 200 likes.

One woman replied, “Aww, he did that last week too, we all loved it x”.

Another posted: “He made my day honest”.

In conversation with the Liverpool echo, Amanda added, “I’ve never seen him like this before, but some people have said he was like that the week before, too. He’s going to make himself famous, isn’t he?

“My neighbour’s children saw him a couple of doors down and they had just put on makeup and he waved to them.

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