Bizarre 'big potato' statue that went viral for rude shape cut down by cruel vandals

The Big Potato statue was erected in Xylophagou near Ayia Napa, Cyprus last October and destroyed on New Years Day, causing £ 4,000 worth of damage

Cyrpus’ large potato statue, which went viral last year, was destroyed on New Years Day (

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Police are investigating after a statue of a giant potato was found devastated with £ 4,000 damage to property on New Years Day.

The four-meter-high sculpture, which previously went viral online because of its suggestive shape, was unveiled on Jan.

Located in the village of Xylophagou near Ayia Napa in Cyprus, the “big potato” became famous in October 2021.

Tourists like to pose in front of it to take photos, while many social media users point out that it’s pretty rude.

The giant potato statue was made by community leader George Tasou with the aim of replicating the spunta potato – an elongated variety that is native to the area.

Located in the village of Xylophagou near Ayia Napa in Cyprus, the “big potato” became famous when it was launched in October 2021


AFP via Getty Images)

According to reports, Mr. Tasou actually went to the sculpture until the wee hours of the morning on January 1st, then asked someone to guard it when he left. Sky News reports.

But unfortunately it was vandalized and it will cost around £ 4,000 to repair the damage.

Mr Tasou then reported the vandalism and the police in Cyprus have opened an investigation.

Mr. Tasou had big plans to make Big Potato a tourist attraction


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He told the Cyprus Mail when the statue was being built, “Xylophagou has a long tradition of growing potatoes and used to be the main potato grower in Cyprus.

“This helped the village grow into the 10,000-soul community it is today.”

The Big Potato is said to have cost around 8,000 euros to build, and there were even plans for visitors to set up a seating area and fried potato stands. reports

The statue is said to have cost around 8,000 euros to build


AFP via Getty Images)

Although many people were joking about the big potato online, Mr. Tasou didn’t even seem to mind, believing there wasn’t any “bad publicity”.

“I’m glad the slander is actually the best advertisement for us,” he said.

“I am sure that everyone who criticizes the work will come here to be photographed with the potato.”

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