Black Friday: Magazine Luiza releases discounts of up 80%

In the race to attract consumers during Black Friday, Luiza magazine announced that it will offer products with up to 80% off. This year, the company also committed to early promotions, starting on November 1 and running through November 27.

During this time, the store will release offers that will not be available on Black Friday. In addition to increasing the popularity of the site before the official date, this strategy will also intensify sales, creating a sense of urgency in consumers.

Magalu also offers benefits to those who buy through your app. One of the most attractive customers is the much-requested cashback, namely the return of part of the money paid. In the app, users can use this amount on new purchases or add it to a MagaluPay account, which can be used to pay bills.

Fortified stock for Black Friday

According to a study by Ebit-Nielsen, Black Friday will be even bigger this year than the 2019 event, when online retailers had sales of about R $ 3.2 billion. With that in mind, the company increased its inventory and guaranteed that its distribution centers will have approximately R $ 5 billion worth of products. On the other hand, there are surveys that indicate the exact opposite: Brazilians plan to spend 46% less on Black Friday 2020.

Brands that are part of the Magazine Luiza group (such as Netshoes, Zattini, Época Cosméticos and Estante Virtual) will also increase the number of items for sale.

Most Popular Products

Due to the high prices of electronics, Brazilians expect discounts to make these products more attractive. In this sector, mobile phones always stand out, especially in a scenario with so much competition.

With the mass adoption of the home office, people may be interested in improving the quality of their equipment. Therefore, notebooks and peripherals should also be included in the list.

Quarantine can also make more people want to replace their TV with newer models. After all, you can already find good options for Smart TV with Full HD resolution at low prices.

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