Black Panther 2: What Rege-Jean Page Could Look Like As Black Panther In The MCU

There are many uncertainties about the future of the Black Panther franchise following the death of Chadwick Boseman in August 2020.

After taking several months to come to terms with the immeasurable loss, Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige confirmed that while Marvel would be relocating with Black Panther 2, they would not be rearranging the use of T’Challa / Black Panther. After confirming that the role would not be recast, Feige subtly hinted that director Ryan Coogler was instead considering improving the Black Panther and Wakanda mythology.

Marvel has yet to reveal how they will handle Boseman’s death in the movie or who might be bugged to accept the mantle as the new Black Panther. When many fans have speculated whether Marvel might consider passing the mantle on to Letitia Wright’s Shuri or even Winston Duke’s M’Baku, a new rumor suggests Marvel would rather introduce a new personality to take over the mantle from Black Panther – and it looks like Bridgerton’s breakthrough heartbreaker is an early favorite for the role.

Based on Crazy Days and Nights, an entertainment website operated by a Hollywood attorney who reportedly has a history of reliability within casting move scoops, Rege-Jean Page is said to have emerged as a precursor to the Black Panther. cloak in Black. Panther 2. It’s easy to see why Page has emerged as a front runner after watching an artist’s incredible fan art!

What Rege-jean Page could look like as Black Panther in the MCU

While Marvel hasn’t addressed the Page casting rumor nor announced any announcements about the Black Panther 2 casting, Bridgerton fan page Bridgerton Appreciation Society has given us the chance to find out exactly what Rege-Jean Page would look like. can see if they had a chance to adjust as Black Panther in a stunning new image that left us speechless.

In the stunning new fan art, Page swaps his Regency-era threads and transforms into Black Panther in the character’s iconic Vibranium suit. While it’s hard to watch anyone else rock Boseman’s Dark Panther suit, there’s no denying that Page looks phenomenal like the character and we can see why so many lovers have started vocally behind the casting rumor.

Since Bridgerton proved, Page includes a controlling on-screen presence with an incredible selection. Just look at the thickness of the character page brought to the post of the Duke of Hastings who was such a layered and complex character. These are just a few of the qualities Marvel looks for in its celebrities and when we get the chance, we know Page will crush it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Regardless of whether Marvel does indeed seem to be bringing him to the lap as the next Black Panther or looking for a new role to bring him into the concoction, one thing is for sure: Rege-Jean Page is an emerging superstar that Marvel could be should lock as soon as possible!

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