Black People Repudiated Trump Like He Was a Piece of Used Gum

Election 2020 Protests Philadelphia

Joe Biden will almost certainly be the next President of the United States. The Biden-Harris ticket received the most votes of any ticket in American history and is expected to win the referendum by two to five points. Biden is currently a leader in enough states to give him 306 votes for the electoral college. more than the 304 Donald Trump received in 2016, which Trump called “historic”. Biden will likely win even if he loses a state or two where he currently leads. And if state lawmakers had merely given their states the means to count the ballots received, this would have been evident since Tuesday evening.

Even so, this protracted victory is not what many of us envisioned. Biden failed to meet pre-election polls predictions, be it because the polling industry is garbage or Biden is “below average”. Furthermore, the Democrats appear to have been unable to regain control of the United States Senate, at least for the moment (runoff elections in Georgia could change the calculus), and the Democrats lost some seats in the House of Representatives.

All of this has given some people a fall of sads. At least 68 million Americans have voted for the racist, misogynist president, more than last time before they saw him botched the response to the coronavirus that killed 230,000 people. Some people wanted more of a “rejection” of Trump and Trumpism, and instead we got another razor-thin election where a few hundred thousand votes spread across several states could have changed the results. As Virginia Democrat Gerald Connolly complained:: “The Trump coalition is more tenacious and resilient and capable than we might have expected … The country is even more polarized and divided.”

The thing is, While the Trump coalition is just as tenacious, racist, and hideous as we feared, the idea that “the country” is “deeply divided” is ridiculous. White people are divided. White people cannot stand together to reject white supremacy. Blacks rejected Trump quite well. We’d throw it in the sun, too, if you would allow us – for free. One lucky quirk of Republicans that is forcing some states to wait for postal ballots to be counted is that they showed the impact of urban black voters. Trump won Wisconsin until Milwaukee reported. He won Michigan until Detroit came in. He won Pennsylvania until Philadelphia was found. And the last time Georgia had to endure something as fair as what Stacey Abrams mobilized down there, William Tecumseh Sherman marched through.

Black people won this election for the Democrats, and non-white voters in that country also rejected President Trump. Trump did well with Cuban Americans in Florida (as Republicans usually do) and with some Latinx voters in South Texas. But overall, he lost Latinx voters: he lost Puerto Rican Americans in Florida and Mexican Americans in Arizona. He lost with the AAPI community. He lost the Muslim community. He lost the Jewish community. And he lost with the LGBTQ community. This rejection should be respected and celebrated. Trump is the first president to have lost a re-election offer since 1992, and he lost it because a coalition of essentially everyone other than white cis-hetero-Christians united and spoke out against him. We saved America. You’re welcome.



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