BlackBerry: images of your possible 5G phone are leaked

BlackBerry is one of the largest smartphone brands. The devices are remembered by many in the early days of internet telephony, all thanks to the physical keyboard. But in recent years, this strategy has not been worth much to the company because of the strong competition that exists and the design is somewhat outdated. But they don’t seem to give up and the proof is a possible leak BlackBerry terminal with 5G.

New to BlackBerry on the go?

We are in a moment of renewal for many mobile manufacturers and all thanks to 5G. The modification involves placing a new chip in the composition, which has an antenna that is compatible with this telecommunication spectrum. And this does not go unnoticed by anyone, not even before BlackBerry with the possible arrival of a new mobile phone on the market.

The terminal, from what we see in the video, will be Key 3 and promises to follow the line of other devices we have seen in the market, with a wide screen and a keyboard at the bottom to continue with what is always a brand of House. Although the video does not appear, they suggest in PhoneArena that it will have a physical keyboard. As for the rest of the design, it has a beveled edge to where the screen unfolds on the sides.

On the back, it looks like a very sleek look typical of the company, along with three lenses placed vertically on the top center. Other interesting details that the render brings is the appearance of a mini jack output on the bottom and the SIM card tray is placed in the top part of the device.

Your first 5G mobile

Something the media are referring to about the new BlackBerry terminal is that it will have a 5G connection. This detail puts it at the peak of competing devices, although there are still many ambiguities to resolve. One is the operating system it will install since it stopped selling Android cell phones in August last year. It’s time to wait for the company’s moves, although we could see it possibly in the month of July.

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