BlackBerry to terminate phone services, millions of devices stop working

You won’t hear the keypad click on a BlackBerry phone because the Canadian company supports millions of devices.

As an icon of the 2000s, BlackBerry phones were a business favorite. Pioneering the emerging smartphone technology, they provided email on the go and BBM, an instant messenger service.

Quickly overtaken by another giant called Apple in the 2010s, BlackBerry soon fell out of favor as users flocked to touchscreens, leaving behind physical keyboards.

Synonymous with the 2000s, the brand did a tough job shaking off its outdated image and saw BlackBerry grow into a dedicated cybersecurity company.

With a sense of nostalgia, Ben Wood, an industry analyst for CCS Insight and founder of the Cellphone Museum, told the BBC :

“The dedicated QWERTY keyboard was an iconic design, the devices became so comfortable to hold that they developed a muscle memory that enables quick and accurate text entry.”

“It always makes me smile when I show kids some of yesterday’s cell phones,” he said.

“You are enthusiastic about the variety of designs. The other day a 14-year-old even asked me, ‘Why aren’t you bringing the keyboards back?’ what made me smile. “

Which BlackBerry devices have stopped working?

In a statement announcing the discontinuation of services, BlackBerry thanked “our many loyal customers and partners over the years”.

The cancellation means that as of January 4, 2022, millions of home owners will not be able to make or receive calls, send text messages or use internet services.

23 years since the introduction of the The company’s first handheld device, the 850.

It includes all smartphones with BlackBerry 7.1 OS or earlier.

Only BlackBerry phones made after 2016 remain a ray of hope for die-hard fans. This is because they are made under license from the Chinese company TCL and they continue to work as they use the Android operating system.

BlackBerry may be discontinuing phone support, but the move to cybersecurity software has been successful. The company had sales of over $ 900 million in 2019.


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