Bling Empire Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And Know More Information

Bling Empire is one of Netflix’s most talked about fact-finding shows, and many subscribers are happy to learn more about Bling Empire season 2.

The well-received Netflix original follows the lives of wealthy East Asians and East Asian American socialites in the Los Angeles area. The show has been described as a peek into a truly Crazy Rich Asians story and features eight eye-opening entries into their exceptional world.

Bling Empire is an unfailingly sexy on Netflix and has achieved a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes thanks to its selection. Some of these intriguing on-screen personalities at this enticing event include real estate developer Kane Lim, philanthropist Christine Alexandra Chiu, film producer Kelly Mi Li, denim heiress Cherie Chan, former Red Power Ranger Andrew Gray and the Song Emperor’s 24th direct descendant. , Gabriel Chiu.

Fortunately, there will be many more episodes of the reality series from the same people who brought viewers to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as Netflix saw fit to restore the series for a new run on March 10, 2021. Bling Empire season 2 is officially underway , and many fans wonder when will it come back?

Publication date

There is no official announcement when Bling Empire Season 2 will air. The first chapter came on January 15, 2021, and it may be safe to assume the next season will arrive sometime in 2022.


No official cast list was shown for Bling Empire season 2, but many fans are hoping that all of their favorites will return for another round. It just wouldn’t be the same if Kim Lee, Jessey Lee, Anna Shay, Guy Tang, Jaimie Xie and the other celebrities weren’t in the lineup for the highly anticipated follow-up.

Short content

Netflix hasn’t released any official synopsis for Bling Empire season 2, and it’s safe to assume that plot details won’t get closer to the release date for a while. It’s also safe to assume that they won’t stray too much from the formula that worked so well for them until now.


A Bling Empire season 2 trailer hasn’t been released yet, but we’ll be sure to discuss it with everyone if one drops.

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