Blinken affirms Biden's support for a 2-state solution

“It must start now with dealing with the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza. Then rebuilding, rebuilding what has been lost and engaging both sides critically in an attempt to really improve people’s lives so that Israelis and Palestinians can live with equal levels of security, peace and dignity, ”he said.

Under pressure from Stephanopoulos over his emphasis on the word “equal,” which was a broader rhetorical departure of the Biden government from its predecessors, Blinken said equality should be the goal of every government in a democratic society.

“It is vital that the Palestinians feel hope and have opportunity and live in safety, as Israelis are, and that there should be equal measures,” he said.

He added: “Ultimately, I think that this hope, this security, this dignity will be found in a Palestinian state.” (Blinken emphasized the same words in a later appearance on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS”.)

Blinken said rebuilding the damage in Gaza was an important step in resolving the conflict. When asked how the US was going to support reconstruction without funding Hamas, Blinken said it would rely on “independent parties that can help with reconstruction and development. No authority close to the government, “he said,” has brought nothing but ruin to the Palestinian people. “

“The real challenge is to help the Palestinians, and especially the moderate Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority, to get better results for their people, and of course Israel has an important role to play in that too.”

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