Blinken, Sullivan to meet with top Chinese diplomats next week

It was important for the government to meet China on American turf first, and after consulting with Asian and European allies, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday. The officials will discuss issues on which the two sides have “deep disagreements,” said Psaki.

“We intend to discuss our expectations and will be open about Beijing’s actions … and our concerns about the challenges they pose to the security and values ​​of the United States and our allies and partners,” she said. “We’ll also talk about areas where we can work together of mutual interest. Of course, we come to these discussions with clear eyes. The meeting is also an opportunity to highlight how the United States will advocate the rules-based international system and a free and open Indo-Pacific. “

The US will approach China from a “position of strength” and “in step with our allies and partners,” said Psaki.

The meeting will take place after President Joe Biden made his first official phone call to President Xi Jinping of China last month after several weeks of silence. In the appeal, Biden challenged Xi on a number of issues, including China’s “enforced and unfair economic practices,” “Hong Kong policy,” and “human rights violations in Xinjiang,” according to an advertisement from the appeal.

Biden announced the establishment of a Pentagon China Task Force last month and sent a message that the US would not shy away from China.

In a speech at the State Department last week, Blinken discussed rivalries with “great powers” ​​like China and called on the US to help workers deal with China.

“China is the only country with economic, diplomatic, military and technological power that seriously questions the stable and open international system – all the rules, values ​​and relationships that make the world work the way we want it to.” said blinking in the speech.

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