Blood and Treasure Season 2: Expected Release Date, Cast Info and Much More

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Expected Release Date, Cast Info and Much More

The American action-adventure drama ‘Blood and Treasure’, created by Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, first aired on May 21, 2019 on CBS is now ready for a second season.

With the perfect touch of drama, this brilliant action series offers the interesting transition of Danny McNamara’s profession, from an FBI agent to a professional attorney specializing in the repatriation of stolen art and a fantastic antiquity expert.

Release date of Blood and Treasure, season 2

News of the sequel was heard by CBS in June 2019, but this too has been added to the list of delays caused by the pandemic. While we’re positive about the sequel’s release by 2021, no formal announcement has been made on the release date.

Season 2 Plotline:

The series with the 38:83 minute play-off offers action and adventure to the audience. The show seems to revolve around two main characters: one is a fantastic antiquity expert and the other a crafty art thief, who, despite their differences, team up to capture a ruthless terrorist who finances his attack with stolen treasure, but have no idea what this mission can she go in.

The duo of lawyer and thief ends up in a two hundred year old battle for the cradle of civilization.

The Cast Of Blood and Treasure season 2

Matt Brar as the brilliant antiquities expert Danny McNamara
Lexi Vaziri as the thief and con artist Sophia Pernias,
James Kallis will be seen in the drama that plays Hardwick.
Kevin Winter plays the role of Gwen Carlson,
Michael James as Aiden Shaw.
Oded Feher will star in the role of Karim Farooq.
Dr. Alicia Coppola will play Ana Castillo
And Mark Gagliardi will play the role of Father Chakali


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