Body of 'stowaway' discovered in landing gear of plane after flight

Police are investigating after a man’s body was found under a plane that landed at Amsterdam Airport from Nigeria.

The man, who was considered a stowaway, was discovered in a wheel arch at Schiphol Airport on Monday afternoon.

The Dutch authorities have said they have started an investigation into the man’s identity and cause of death Daily star.

It is likely that he died of hypothermia due to the extreme temperatures at which the plane flew during the six-hour 45-minute journey from Lagos to the Netherlands.

It is not uncommon for migrants to try to reach Europe by hiding in airplanes and especially in the wheel arches.

A spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee told AD: “The man was hiding in the wheel arch of the plane. The low temperatures were probably fatal for him during the flight.”

If they survive the extremely dangerous journey they can try to apply for asylum.

In similar cases, a 16-year-old boy from Kenya hid in the landing gear of a plane that was flying from London to Maastricht Aachen Airport in February this year.

Police are investigating the identity of a man found dead on a plane at Amsterdam Airport

He survived but was hospitalized with severe hypothermia. It is believed that he later applied for asylum status.

A mysterious man fell from the sky in south London and his body was found in a Clapham garden. He was hiding in the landing gear of a Kenya Airways flight to Heathrow.

According to the guidelines of the UN Refugee Agency: “Blind asylum seekers must be protected from violent return to their country of origin” as they are in a “particularly vulnerable situation that requires international protection and permanent solutions”.


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