Body of woman, 79, who died 'from Covid found eaten from waist up by pet cats'

A pensioner who presumably died of coronavirus was discovered partially eaten – by her cats.

Police found the body after neighbors sounded the alarm about the strong odor coming from an apartment in Madrid, Spain.

The woman’s torso was reportedly gnawed off by seven of her pets – five of which were also found dead.

The dead woman’s name is Clara Ines Tobon, 79, from Colombia.

A police officer reportedly described the crime scene near Fuencarral as his worst experience on the job.

Firefighters broke into the apartment on Monday and found the body during a search in a room.

Clara’s two remaining cats were taken to an animal rescue center.

Her body is believed to have remained undiscovered for about three months, although the autopsy results have not yet been made public.

Since 1996 she has lived alone in the apartment where she was found dead. Your whole family should live in Colombia.

A nameless neighbor told the Spanish daily El Mundo: “One policeman said it was the worst thing he has seen in his job since then.”

Residents also told the local press that they believe Clara may have died of coronavirus.


Unfortunately, the incident is not the first of its kind in Madrid.

In September 2019, it was found that a dog survived its owner’s death by eating part of its body when it was undetected for a month.

The corpse reportedly ran out of meat on its legs, where the animal devoured its lower limbs to stay alive.

A neighbor raised the alarm after returning from vacation and discovered a rancid smell that she initially thought was a dead rat.

The dog was sedated before being taken to an animal rescue center after police tricked firefighters into the first-floor apartment in the Ciudad Lineal neighborhood and made the gruesome discovery.

Doctors are said to have estimated at the time that the dead, a 56-year-old prison cook, known only as Matias, had died of lymphatic cancer about a month earlier.


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