Bodybuilding grandma, 42, brands herself a 'puma' for dating boyfriend, 27

Professional bodybuilder Wendy Levra, 42, from Nevada, USA, started doing sports and lifestyle competitively after her ex-husband laughed at the idea

Bodybuilding grandmother Wendy Levra from Nevada, USA calls herself a “cougar” because she is too young to be branded a “cougar” to date a younger man (


A bodybuilding grandma branded herself a “cougar” because she has a boyfriend who is 15 years younger, because she is “not old enough” to be called a cougar.

Personal trainer Wendy Levra, 42, of Elko, Nevada, began bodybuilding as a rebellion against her ex-husband when he mocked her.

Wendy is now a professional bodybuilder with 15 “biceps, 24” quads, and a 37 “chest.

She entered the gym at the age of 35 after feeling like she had gained too much for her small stature – and shortly after her regular trainer told her to consider competing.

Her then-husband laughed at the idea – which annoyed her – and put it on the path of national competitions and gained fame.

Wendy started training hard and competed a year later, finishing second in the Utah Classic.

Wendy split from her ex-husband when she started chasing profits – and is now with a 27-year-old who she referred to as her “rock”.


Wendy’s biceps are a whopping 15 inches


After her first competition, Wendy realized that what she started as the middle finger for an unsupportive partner could be turned into a lifestyle and a career.

She took some time to build her body as Wendy had huge legs and a small torso at the time.

It took several years of strenuous exercise and dieting before Wendy reached national bodybuilding level.

She quit her insurance job to become a personal trainer and divorced her husband.

Wendy has now found a man who is her rock in her bodybuilding lifestyle.

She quit a job in insurance to pursue her bodybuilding dreams


Wendy says bodybuilding helped her overcome mental health problems


“I’ve been with Sean O’flattery, 27, for three years now, we met a long time ago at the gym, and Sean is into the bodybuilding lifestyle too,” says Wendy.

“We were friends for a while, but a few years later I was struggling to pay my rent and Sean moved to Elko from Iowa, so we moved in together.

“We hit it off pretty quickly, we like the same things like going out and traveling. We like paddling and shopping.

“We spend too much money on stupid things and we have the same taste in music.

“I like to call myself a cougar, not a cougar, I’m not old enough to be a cougar. Sean gets on really well with my children, too.”

One of her sons often accompanies her to competitions


She says she isn’t old enough to be called a puma


Wendy used to suffer from mental health problems, but since finding her new bodybuilding lifestyle, she has overcome her demons.

“I got through some depression and eating disorders,” she said.

“I used to have really bad anxiety and depression.

“Since I started bodybuilding, I’ve used that as an outlet and you have to have a positive attitude to get through and get to where I am now.”

Wendy had their first son at 17, now 25, and dropped out of high school.

Her younger son is currently 16 years old and often accompanies her to her competitions.

“My oldest is 25 now, and he and Sean get along really well,” says Wendy.

“The first time they met, my son admitted that he thought Sean was going to be a big bastard for being a bodybuilder.

“But they’re good friends now, age has never been a problem for us.

“My oldest lives in Idaho, he has a family of his own, I have a granddaughter, and another is on the way.

Wendy took second place in the Utah Classic bodybuilding competition


Wendy has a granddaughter and another grandchild on the way


“My youngest child supports me a lot. He lives with me now and is allowed to travel to competitions with me.

“But he’s the one who has to deal with me when I get grumpy during prep time and keep yelling at him when I see tempting snacks around the house.”

Wendy maintains her weight of 160 pounds and trains for two hours each day to maintain her bodybuilding body.

“I do forty minutes of cardio in the morning and halfway to the gym in the evening,” she said.

“I eat six meals a day and I eat a lot of protein. And quite a lot of carbohydrates in my off-season too.

“So it’s like chicken rice, some fish, protein, lots of vegetables, a little bit of fruit. Very healthy, clean diet and lots of vitamins.”

Wendy experiences a lot of body dysmorphism in order to keep her bodybuilding body going.

“I feel good about my body overall, but bodybuilding causes some dysmorphism,” she said.

“For example, if you are in the off-season like I am now and I feel fat.

Wendy entered the gym at 35 because she felt she had gained too much weight for her short stature


Wendy has had mixed reactions on social media about her bodybuilding body


“I know logically that it is stupid to feel this way, but my body looks different now than it does when I prepare for the competition.

“During the preparation, I’m super lean and I see that every muscle striping or muscle is defined.”

Wendy has had mixed reactions from social media and her friends and family regarding her bodybuilding body.

She said, “My family and friends tell me that I motivate them to exercise, but then they say things like, ‘I want to exercise, but I don’t want to look like you.’

“And some trolls leave comments on Instagram that say things like ‘you’re disgusting’ or pointy comments that I look like a man with breasts.

“I don’t let that affect me, after all, it’s my life and that’s something I love to do and the bodybuilding lifestyle has given me so much.

“Bodybuilding gave me a lot of confidence. I used to be shy. I wouldn’t talk to people unless they came up to me first.

“I can get what I need, you know, I’m a lot more positive now than ever.”

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