Bollards go up underneath police car leaving it stranded in city centre

A police car ran aground when officers parked their patrol car over two bollards in the city center – which then went up automatically.

An eyewitness said he heard a “loud bang” when the incident occurred and that the two police officers were stunned by what had happened.

23-year-old street vendor Saul Webster filmed a video of the white Peugeot 308 being lifted into the air in the middle of Leeds.

The footage was shared almost 7,000 times on Facebook, where people joked about the officers’ predicament.

Beth Richards quipped, “You can’t park there, sir.”

Jo Bailey Taggart asked: “And who gives him a ticket?”

Simon Butler added: “It’s good to see the police have everything under control here in Leeds.”

James Guilfoyle said, “Change the oil while it’s up there.”

Saul said, “I heard a loud bang but couldn’t see anything because there was a police car in front of the car, but when it was moving I saw the car.

“Everyone was screaming and screaming and they.

“When they stopped, the bollards went up and the car got stuck.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “A police vehicle was lifted from an automatic bollard on patrol in Kirkgate in Leeds city center at around 2:30 pm Friday. The vehicle was recovered to examine it for damage. “

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