Bolshoi Theatre actor crushed to death during opera after being hit by falling prop

Bolshoi Theater actor Yevgeny Kulesh was struck by the scenery during a set change while the opera Sadko was playing on Saturday, and he died before an ambulance arrived, it is reported

37-year-old actor Yevgeny Kulesh was killed in the Bolshoi Theater after being hit by part of the set (

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An actor from the famous Bolshoi Theater tragically died on stage during a set change after being hit by a falling play.

Yevgeny Kulesh, 37, is believed to have been hit by a ramp and footage shared online appears to show cast members desperately trying to get staff to lift the prop.

People then tried to revive the actor but could not do so.

The theater confirmed that he died on Saturday during a change of stage at the Sadko opera.

In a statement released on Saturday evening, the Bolshoi said: “The performance was stopped immediately and the audience was asked to leave the hall.”

It states that Mr. Kulesh was seriously injured and died before an ambulance arrived at the theater.

The Moscow Committee of Inquiry has also confirmed that it has opened an investigation into the incidents.

It is reported that Mr. Kulesh, who has been in the theater since 2002, went the wrong way when the scenery for the opera was dismantled and he was crushed underneath.

Unfortunately, some viewers wrote on social media that at first they thought the disaster was part of the performance.

The Moscow Investigative Committee has confirmed that it has opened an investigation into the incidents


Mikhail Japaridze / TASS)

It was only when the panic persisted that they realized the seriousness of the situation and someone is said to have shouted: “Call the ambulance, there is blood”.

A tragedy also struck the theater in 2013 when a lead violinist, Viktor Sedov, fell into the orchestra pit and died. He was a veteran in the orchestra and had played for it for over four decades.

A scandal also broke out in 2011 when ballet soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko was sentenced to six prison terms after ordering an acid attack on the artistic director of the theater, Sergei Filin, outside his Moscow home, which resulted in visual impairment.

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