Boots and Superdrug among pharmacies to start vaccine rollout

High street pharmacies in England can start selling coronavirus vaccines starting Thursday, January 14th, according to the NHS.

Boots and Superdrug branches will be among the six branches across the country that can manage the jabs.

Boots in Halifax and Superdrug in Guildford will be the first group to distribute the injections, alongside Andrews Pharmacy in Macclesfield, Cullimore Chemist in Edgware, North London, Woodside Pharmacy in Telford and Appleton Village in Widnes.

The stores were chosen because of their ability to deliver large quantities of the drug, enable social distancing, while allowing it to spread across the country.

By the end of the month, more than 200 chemists in the community will be able to administer vaccines, according to NHS England.

The pharmacies join the 200 hospitals, around 800 general practitioner clinics and seven mass vaccination centers, where shocks are already being distributed.

Dr. Bruce Warner, assistant pharmaceutical director, praised the work of the pharmacists, saying, “The pharmacy teams have worked incredibly hard throughout the pandemic and are playing an important role in accelerating the vaccination program in delivering the life-saving shocks to those in their communities. “

Health Secretary Matt Hancock reiterated his thanks and said it was “fantastic” that vaccinations were being offered on the main street.

Mr. Hancock said, “Pharmacies are at the heart of the local communities and will make a huge difference to our rollout program by providing even more local and convenient places to those who are eligible to buy their products.

“Pharmacists have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and are often the first point of contact for medical advice – and often stay open when they are closed everywhere.

“I would like to thank each pharmacy for their efforts to support the national response to the pandemic and keep people safe.”

The pilot locations are:

  • Boots, Halifax
  • Andrews Pharmacy, Macclesfield
  • Appleton Village Pharmacy, Widnes
  • Superdrug Pharmacy, Guildford
  • Cullimore Chemist, Edgware
  • Woodside Pharmacy, Telford


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