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Borat 2: check out most controversial moments of the film

Borat 2: check out most controversial moments of the film

Attention! This text contains spoilers for Borat: Next Cinema Tape. Borat: Next Cinema Tape appeared in the Amazon Prime Video catalog last Friday (23), bringing back the controversial reporter, played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Released 14 years after the original film, the sequel follows the same vein and shows the worst of American culture.

In the plot, after spending years in a prison in Kazakhstan, Borat is chosen to give a monkey as a present to Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, to try to resume the friendship between the two countries . On the way, however, he is forced to give his own daughter, Tutar (Maria Bakalova), as a gift, while revealing the not so beautiful side of the US.

When dealing with scientific denial, xenophobia, abortion, and pedophilia, Cohen uses humor to present absurd situations and show how people react to them. Below we present some of the film’s most controversial moments.

Caged Mexicans

While trying to take Tutar to Pence, Borat decides to buy a cage to take his daughter on a trip. On arrival at a store, he refers to Mexican children who were removed from the family during the deportation. The shopkeeper’s response is just a laugh, agreeing with the situation.

KKK dress at CPAC

During a moment in the film, Borat says he should get close to Pence, but he shouldn’t get people’s attention. To achieve this, he decides to go to the Conference of the American Conservative Union (CPAC) in a KKK outfit.

The “abortion” scene

One of the most controversial moments in the film is when Tutar swallows a doll in the shape of a child and goes to a women’s health center to request that it be removed from the inside. The series is structured in such a way that it looks like she wants an abortion; however, the doctor refuses, even if she says she is only 15 years old and does not want to feel pain, or if Borat reports that it was he himself who put the child in his daughter.



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