Boris Johnson admits breaking manifesto promise with National Insurance hike

Boris Johnson has admitted breaking his manifest promise not to raise taxes but said he couldn’t avoid the challenge of fixing the NHS.

The Prime Minister announced today (Sept. 7) a 1.25% increase in Social Security contributions, which could mean additional payments of hundreds of pounds a year for many people.

The move contradicts his election platform, which promised not to increase taxes.

However, Mr Johnson said a global pandemic was not in the Tory Manifesto either, saying the increase was needed to “get the NHS back on its feet” after the pandemic.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Johnson said, “No Conservative government wants to raise taxes, but neither can we consciously bear the cost of this plan by simply borrowing the money and putting the burden on future generations.

“So I’ll be absolutely frank with you, this new levy will break our manifest commitment, but a global pandemic wasn’t in our manifest either.

“And everyone knows in their bones that after all that we’ve gone into protecting people during this crisis, we can’t now escape the challenge of getting the NHS back on its feet, which means solving welfare problems and the investment of the money needed. “

“We will do what is right, reasonable and fair.

“We’re going to level the Covid backlog, we’re going to fund more nurses, and I hope we’re going to erase the fear of millions of families across the country by pushing reforms that have been delayed for far too long.”

Is Mr. Johnson right to have broken his election promise? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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