Boris Johnson announces UK will share nuclear submarine secrets with Australia

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the UK will help Australia build nuclear submarines tonight.

The Prime Minister appeared tonight at 10 p.m. on a special and unprecedented show alongside Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US President Joe Biden.

They revealed the new AUKUS defense alliance when Morrison announced that his first initiative would be to build Australia’s fleet of nuclear submarines.

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Johnson said the new trilateral defense partnership would help bring stability to the Indo-Pacific region.

He spoke of “opening a new chapter in our friendship” between countries when he said Britain would share its nuclear submarine knowledge with Australia.

Johnson stressed that the “submarines in question are powered by nuclear energy” and have no nuclear capabilities on board.

He added that the country “will have a new opportunity to strengthen Britain’s position at the forefront of science and technology … and most importantly, it will bring the UK, Australia and the US even closer together, reflecting the level of trust between us.” “.

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Only a handful of countries own nuclear submarines, but Boris said, “Australia is one of our oldest friends … and a natural partner in this enterprise”.

Morrison outlined the urgency of the situation.

He said: “Our world is becoming more complex … to meet these challenges we must now take our partnership to a new level”.

He reiterated that the country was not “seeking to acquire nuclear weapons”.

President Joe Biden joked that the AUKUS synonym sounded “strange” but added, “It is a good one”.

He said: “The future of each of our nations, and indeed the world, depends on the free flowering of the Indo-Pacific”.

He added that each of the countries needed a “modern skill” to deal with “rapidly evolving threats”.

He reiterated that the nuclear submarines would be conventionally armed.

“We’re not talking about nuclear armed submarines,” he said.

“These are conventionally armed, but run on nuclear energy … this technology has proven itself, it is safe.

“Britain has operated nuclear submarines for decades.”


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