Boris Johnson explains why National Insurance contributions must go up

Boris Johnson has stated that increasing National Insurance (NI) contributions is the only way to pay for improvements in UK health and social care and alternatives branded as irresponsible.

At a press conference today (Sept. 7), the Prime Minister said NI dues will rise 1.25% to pay for welfare across the country.

The increase is expected to bring in nearly £ 36 billion over the next three years.

Mr Johnson said his plan would help “resolve the health and welfare issues that governments have avoided for decades,” many of which were highlighted during the pandemic.

But the prime minister also used his press conference to defend the decision to increase the NI dues, arguing that it would be unfair to take money from other households to pay the increase.

Mr Johnson said: “After the world’s most successful vaccine program, we are embarking on the biggest catch-up program in the history of the NHS. We are increasing hospital capacity by 110% and making nine million additional appointments, scans and operations possible.

“And I have to catch up with people, the waiting lists get worse before they get a little better compared to pre-Covid between 2024 and 2025 cancer screening exams.

“A recovery of this magnitude cannot be achieved through cheese pairing budgets elsewhere, and it would be irresponsible to cover sustained increases in health and social spending with increased daily borrowing.”

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