Boris Johnson makes Christmas announcement – full transcript

The Prime Minister confirmed today that no further Covid restrictions will be put in place before Christmas.

He said there is currently insufficient evidence of Omicron’s severity, hospitalization rate and the impact of booster adoption to warrant tougher measures before Christmas.

However, it is clear to the Prime Minister that the situation is balanced and remains difficult across the country as the Omicron variant continues to rise and cases hit all-time highs.

The government will continue to monitor the data closely and will not hesitate to act after Christmas if necessary.

He urges people to exercise caution and continue to follow instructions, including by wearing a mask indoors when necessary, circulating fresh air, and taking a test when visiting vulnerable and elderly relatives.

Most importantly, he urges anyone who still does to get Boosted now.

Complete copy of the Prime Minister’s Declaration

Good afternoon everyone.

I wanted to quickly inform you about the latest Covid situation.

There is no doubt that Omicron continues to rise at a rate we have never seen before.

The situation remains extremely difficult, but I also acknowledge that people have been waiting to hear if their Christmas plans will be compromised.

So what I can say tonight is that, of course, we cannot rule out further action after Christmas – and we will keep an eye on the data and do everything we can to protect public health.

But, given the ongoing uncertainty about several things – the severity of Omicron, the uncertainty about the hospitalization rate, or the impact of getting the vaccine or booster vaccination, there isn’t enough evidence today to warrant tougher measures before Christmas.

We will continue to monitor Omicron very closely and will be ready to take action if the situation worsens.

This means people can get on with their Christmas plans, but the situation remains balanced and I urge everyone to exercise caution and continue to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially those in need of protection.

And remember to keep following the directions: wear a mask indoors if necessary, provide fresh air circulation, and do a test before visiting elderly or vulnerable relatives.

If you haven’t already, please drop everything, find a walk-in or go online and make an appointment and Get Boosted Now.

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