Boris Johnson pays tribute after his mum dies 'suddenly'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mother died “suddenly and peacefully” at the age of 79.

Charlotte Johnson Wahl died in a London hospital on Monday. the Telegraph reports.

The Prime Minister described his mother to the newspaper as “the highest authority” in his family.

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Charlotte was a professional painter. She was born in Oxford in 1942, the daughter of Sir James Fawcett, President of the European Commission on Human Rights.

She married Boris’ father Stanley in In 1963 they had four children together.

They divorced in 1979 and she remarried the American professor Nicholas Wahl.

Boris will announce his winter plan in a lockdown speech on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister will speak about everything from travel measures to vaccination certificates.

There will also be instructions on how to work from home and wear face masks or coverings in public.

He is expected to share with the nation on Tuesday how the country can learn to live with the coronavirus, underscoring that vaccinations will be a key part of the response in the months ahead.


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