Boris Johnson says Covid deniers 'need to grow up' in new attack on hoax claims

Boris Johnson has attacked Covid deniers saying they have to “grow up”.

When asked about the harm caused by those who oppose restrictions because they don’t believe coronavirus is real, the Prime Minister said at Briefing # 10: “About the kind of people who stand outside of hospitals and say covid is a joke really i think they have to grow up

“You have heard of the pressures the NHS is under and we must all responsibly do our part to protect it.

“For many of us, for the vast majority of the country, it means staying home and protecting the NHS. For people invited to get vaccinated, get the trick.”

It comes from Midlands Police investigating reports of men filming in hospitals in Birmingham and Worcestershire claiming the coronavirus pandemic is a hoax.

West Mercia Police and West Midlands Police have reported that they are investigating reports of men walking around the hospital wearing no masks and filming “New Year’s weekend” for “possible breaches of Covid-19 regulations”.

A man reportedly filmed in the entrance, reception area and corridors of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on New Years Day. He claimed the areas were “quiet” and said “proven” that the hospital was not full of sick patients.

Elsewhere, security guards removed Covid-19 deniers from Colchester Hospital, where the ICU is full, after taking photos of empty corridors for social media sharing.

Nick Hulme, executive director of East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, said after the Colchester incident: “When you see this type of behavior in public, it just asks for belief.

“Why on earth would people do this when … we all know someone who died of Covid.

“We all know someone who died and yet you have people who act like that. It’s extraordinary, it’s shocking, it’s awful.”

Boris Johnson’s comments at the last Downing Street conference were echoed by Sir Simon Stevens, executive director of the NHS. He said those who share misinformation about the spread of the virus are helping people die from Covid-19.

NHS chief Sir Simon Stevens speaks at press conference # 10

Sir Simon added that the claim that hospitals are not under the pressure of increasing coronavirus cases is a “lie”.

He said, “If you sneak into a hospital in an empty corridor at 9 a.m., film it and post it on social media. This proves the hospitals are empty and the whole thing is a joke, they are You don’t. ” Only responsible for changing behavior so that people can be killed. However, it is an insult to the nurse who came home after 12 hours in intensive care and worked out her courage in the most demanding and difficult of circumstances.

“There is nothing more demoralizing than uttering this kind of nonsense when it is obviously wrong.”

Contrary to online claims that the wards were empty, the NHS chief said enough Covid patients are now arriving across England every day to fill an entire hospital.

Speaking at the conference about the vaccination program, Mr Johnson said, “Our tactic is to first use the immense natural capacity of the NHS.

“By the end of the week there will be over 1,000 GP-run sites offering vaccines, 223 hospital sites, seven huge vaccination centers, and an initial wave of 200 pharmacies in the community.

“If all goes well, these combined should have the capacity to deliver hundreds of thousands of vaccines a day by January 15th, and our plan is for everyone to have a vaccination within 10 miles.

“It follows that the limits will be not on our distribution power but on the delivery of vaccines, and I have no doubt that we will have enough supplies to vaccinate these four groups by February 15th.

“We also have the distribution network to do this and keep a growing program on the priority list.”

But he admitted that there would be some teething problems with the introduction of the vaccination program.

The Prime Minister told the conference: “Of course there will be lumps and bumps in the distribution in the early stages.

“Today, some GPs may not get the broadcasts they expected. Other GPs do an amazing job of getting pokes in people’s arms.”

Sir Simon Stevens said London’s NHS intends to open London Nightingale Hospital next week as cases continue to rise in the capital.

“The entire health service in London is mobilizing to do all it can but the rate of growth in approvals – that must bring the country under joint control.”


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