Boris Johnson set to make key decision on banning indoor mixing, reports claim

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly will make a decision on whether to ban indoor mixing of households.

The prime minister has been criticized in recent weeks for allowing families to mingle over Christmas and New Years.

However, it is believed that stricter restrictions could be put in place within a few days YorkshireLive.

The potential restrictions are being considered as the country faces rising cases of Covid-19, a spike fueled by the Omicron variant of the virus.

England recorded an additional 146,604 cases yesterday for a total of 10,828,575.

But despite the rise in cases, NHS bosses have said they don’t believe the threshold has been reached to impose stricter restrictions.

Speak with The times, Chris Hopson, Head of NHS Providers, said, “Trust Chief Executives say we should carefully interpret daily hospital Covid data.

“Although the numbers are increasing faster and faster, the absence of large numbers of seriously ill elderly people is a great reassurance. However, you are aware that this can change after the holiday season.

“Trust CEOs know that the government must cross a high threshold before introducing additional restrictions and can see why in the absence of this surge in the severely ill elderly, that threshold has not yet been exceeded.”

However, a government source told the Times that there was evidence of an increasing number of Covid cases among those over 60. Because these people are more vulnerable, they are more likely to be hospitalized.


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